Fire Damage Restoration In Lynnwood

Has your home been damaged by a fire? You can count on our team at Rebound RC to do a professional job restoring your home after a fire. When fire and smoke damage your home, fast action can be the difference between returning to your home and finding a new place to live.

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Smoke And Soot

After any type of fire damage in your home, smoke and soot will settle into the surfaces of your floors, walls, ceiling, and furniture. This can damage the structural integrity of your home and the longer you choose to wait, the worse the damage can become.

fire damage lynnwood

Why You Should Act Fast For Fire Damage

The materials used in your furniture and inside the foundations of your house can produce acids and other chemical reactions when burned which can quickly change them from being restorable to unsalvageable in no time. If you do not respond quickly to fire damage in your home, the acids and other corrosive material can eat away at your home. You can count on Rebound RC as your go to fire damage contractor to neutralize these acids and restore your home after fire damage.

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During The Fire

While a fire is breaking out in your home, smoke and soot penetrate cracks in your home leaving corrosive residue long after the fire is out. Residual smoke caused by the fire can also etch itself into your furniture and other areas of your house. At Rebound RC, we have the tools and knowledge needed to restore your home after a fire.

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Fire Damage

We visit you in your home, get to know you, and see what happened and the extent of the fire damage.

Fire Damage
Restoration Plan

Once we have a specific idea of the scope of work, we put our thinking caps on and start assembling our fire damage restoration plan. We will present to you our ideas & plan, and once we are in alignment, move forward.

Fire Damage
Restoration Begins

Now the fun part! Construction begins! You will see our workforce and partners working diligently to restore your home from fire damage.

Like It Never

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief! We have completed fire damage restoration, and our goal is your 100% satisfaction with our work! One of the great things about our company is the fact that we have so many repeat customers. We hope to do business again with you in the future- whether it be a remodel, renovation, or other type of construction project.