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Structural Drying In Lynnwood

If a pipe breaks, appliance leaks, or if rain or sewage water leaks in your home, we can provide you with a drying service. We use specialized equipment for the job, allowing us to dry different parts of your home quickly and effectively. When you have to deal with the effects of water damage in your home, removing the water and beginning the drying process is imperative to minimize damage and reduce the risk of mold and mildew developing throughout your home.

Flooding and water drying in lynnwood

Flooding and Leaks

A flood or leak can cause water to entire your home and seep into your floor, walls, ceiling, and foundations. Pumping out water is only 1 of the many things we do at Rebound RC. We are experts in structural drying and removing moisture from wood and other areas of your home after a flood.

structural dying in lynnwood after flood

What Is Structural Drying

Structural drying goes beyond just jumping out water and fluids from your home. We use the latest equipment in our flood damage cleanup in Lynnwood to remove moisture and water molecules trapped inside wood and other areas of your home. We have specially designed vacuum equipment to move the air and dehumidify your home.

Why Do You Need Structural Drying

Many home owners neglect to hire professional drying services after a flood or water damage in their Lynnwood homes. This can lead up to a build up of mold growing between the foundations of your home which can leave a nasty smell and potentially harmful toxins in the air. You can count on Rebound RC to do the job right!

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The structural drying process begins long before we bring out any equiptment. We start with assessing the extent of the damage and draft a plan accordingly. Once we have completed planning the drying process is when we bring in our equiptment and partners to quickly restore your home. You can learn more about our Lynnwood structural drying process below.

Water Damage

We visit you in your home, get to know you, and see how much water damage happened inside your home so we can get the right equipment for drying your home.

Structural Drying

Once we have a specific idea of the scope of work, we put our thinking caps on and start assembling our plan. We will present to you our ideas & plan, and once we are in alignment, move forward.

Structural Drying
Work Begins

Now the fun part! Structural drying begins! You will see our workforce and partners working diligently to restore your home.

Like It Never

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief! We have completed your structural drying project, and our goal is your 100% satisfaction with our work! One of the great things about our company is the fact that we have so many repeat customers. We hope to do business again with you in the future- whether it be a remodel, renovation, or other type of construction project.

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